‘Creativity Meets Her Guardians’

Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas, 2020

This painting was completed in the autumn of 2020 during a six week online course called ‘Painting from the Soul Bones’ run by Liverpool based artist, Clare Jasmine Beloved.

Over six weeks we painted in acrylic on a large canvas, layer by layer, following a loose, intuitive process that built towards an autobiographical visual story/self portrait.


This is the story in words that emerged once I had completed the last layer of the painting:

“She’s the one in the middle, the one at the heart of it all. The one who won’t come apart; resilient. Won’t be pulled in half: enduring. She’s the core. She’s the very bones.

Layer after layer put on and removed just like the years spent trying all the ill-fitting costumes.

At the very centre, though – I knew all along – was this precious, miraculous, astounding thing. This amazement that I can see and hear and touch and taste and smell. Yes! Smell. A real and solid thing. Still, a surprise.

I needed a bridge. I found it here. Over that bridge the guardians arrived.

First, Medusa, eyes unblinking; fierce and fearless. Hidden. Waiting. Below now. Beware all who come with sticks of judgement, stones of shame. Once she was here the rest gathered quickly. Companions and protectors all. These wise and ancient grandmothers, a graceful and vigilant kite. This adoring beam of mother moon, the star-rich aurora night.

Oh, wondrous golden child, for this lifetime – the rest of this fortunate lifetime – I claim you. I claim you. My creativity. My soul. My truth.”