Hello! I’m Ali

In the autumn of 2021, I went on retreat in West Wales and spent a few days in deep connection with nature to enquire about my truest life. I’d imagined that – as a self-employed artist for over a decade – I was already living that life but the truth is I was no longer feeling in alignment with some of my deepest values. 

Since then, I’ve been learning how to shed old layers, emerge from conditioning, and question various assumptions and attitudes that I’d adopted as an ambitious ‘career’ woman (employed) and, latterly, business owner.

So here I am at the beginning of this latest stage of my rewilding: living a slow, simple, seasonal life focused on wild creativity and soulful curiosity.

Deepening into tender wildness

For over a decade I’ve been finding ways to live more soulfully, slowly and simply since giving up a senior management career in business, relocating to the rural county of Herefordshire, and following my desire to explore and express my creativity.

My adventure took a new turn in 2019, when I realised that I needed to deepen into the ‘wildness’ of my creativity. Another emerged in 2021 when I felt a strong pull to begin engaging with life – particularly with the ‘other than human’ world – from the quality of ‘tenderness’. This is informing a growing interest in animism as well as deeply influencing what and how I create.

My exploration’s underpinned by

  • an ongoing process of place-based rewilding and wild connection
  • an evolving creative practice that’s focused on soulfulness and sustainability through the use of natural, foraged, repurposed and found materials
  • embracing my multipotentialite nature by accepting that I may never have a ‘specialism’ but rather that I am, by nature, excited and motivated by the new, the esoteric, the eclectic and the exploratory
  • commitment to a slow, simple, seasonal and earth-friendly lifestyle
  • a deepening connection with nature and landscape
  • Studying Britain’s ancient history and her stories, myths and folklore
  • a focus on rebalancing through reclaiming the qualities of intuition, cyclical awareness, flow, depth, receptivity, nurturing, self expression and sensitivity that support me to explore and express my wild/creative self