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A wild creative and soulfully curious life in deep connection with nature, landscape, heritage & stories

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Snippets: August 2022

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Wild Creativity

I attended a delightful and magical workshop in early August with Lucy Tipper of Tangled Muses.

Three friends and I learned about the art of botanical contact printing. This alchemical process involves layering plant materials within papers and fabrics which are then tightly bundled and placed in a bubbling pot of iron-rich water.

The plants decide what happens: human expectation must be put to one side! It was fabulous that the whole process involved no chemicals and deeply honoured the plants that we selected and the landscape from which they came.

Photo credits: Shelley Beagley


Soulful Curiosity

Two new learning opportunities have come my way this month.

I’m studying ancient sites & stories of Britain – and enquiring into how that can inform a contemporary animist practice – with Robyn of Sacred Earth Grove in her ‘Sacred Sites and Stories’ membership.

I’ve also stepped into a delightful opportunity to learn with Mitle Southey, founder of Circle School. I’ve admired Mitle’s work and worldview for a couple of years so when I saw the launch of her introductory and self paced ‘Circle Skills’ course, I knew it was for me even though I don’t know, yet, how I might use the content going forward.

I will keep subscribers up to date with what I’m learning and how each course informs my own work and thinking through my monthly ‘This Tender Wildness’ letter.

Image (copyright Alison Roe) is of an ancient cup and ring mark, Fowberry, Northumberland, UK



Living In

Herefordshire, UK