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My 2021 creative theme is 

‘Spirit of the Wild Wood’

Spirit of the Wild Wood

I’m excited to showcase work, explorations, experiences, ideas and inspirations as they emerge. 

Rooting & Rewilding

I’m immersing into the personal experience of a variety of woodlands in and around my home in Herefordshire and combining that with the imaginal world that the wild wood inspires for me.

In response, I write, create art and make handcrafted products, following seasonal rhythms.

It feels like the themes for me personally this year are about rooting and rewilding. I’m consciously continuing the process of slowing and simplifying my life whilst aspiring to be in loving and reciprocal relationship with the land on which I live, its creatures and plants and its gifts and mysteries.

I blog about that here and on my Instagram account @aliroecreative

I offer selected pieces of my art and creative work for sale and you will find those using the link to my Etsy shop below.

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